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Private Guided Safari in East Africa

We custom makes travel packages to suit your travel needs. We offer you a package as per your requirement and to the destinations of your choice. You will not need to pay more to get personalized service it will be complimentary all through. Our concierges will be there to attend to all your safari requirements. Your funds are protected as we are KATO bonded.
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Think of the vast open plains of Africa teamed with wildlife; this is where our safaris will take you. A trip to Kenya and Tanzania will bring you to the world most famous wildlife destinations. The legendary Masai Mara and Serengeti are well known for the wildebeest’s migration. No matter your preference, we shall offer you a classic safari filled with adventure, romance, wildlife sightings and lifetime memories.

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There is more to a safari than just the normal big five game drives. Our safari blog introduces you to the insights of our travel experiences. These are the insights of safari, wildlife, culture, history, sports, photography, accommodation and all other travel related issues. We have a passion for nature and conservation. Let us share.

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Welcome to our world of safari through our videos. Enjoy the thrill of adventure experienced in our parks and reserves. Get enlightened on the ways and life of the native people of east Africa, their way of life and day to day experiences. It is breathtaking how close we can get up close and personal with our wildlife sighting experiences. Be inspired and start planning.

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Zanzibar is the home of Spice and Romance. The serene white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and coral reefs invite you to this old town. Honeymooners, water lovers and sun lovers prefer this East African coastal destination for an extension of the mainland safari. A visit to Zanzibar will give you a cultural, historical and lifestyle experience like no other.

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Kilimanjaro is the second highest free standing mountain in Africa. Its snow covered peaks beckon from afar. Kilimanjaro rises over 4800m above the plains of East African. It can be accessed from Tanzania. The name Kilimanjaro has generally been understood to mean the mountain of greatness by the local community. Both experienced and in experienced climbers can go up this mountain with ease.

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Lake Turkana is found in the northern part of Kenya in the Great Rift Valley. This is the world‘s largest permanent alkaline desert lake. It is surrounded by three park reserves. They are home to migrant waterfowl, breeding ground for Nile crocodile and Nile perch. The area around Lake Turkana is known for its large number of venomous snakes. The Kobi Fora for a prehistoric site is home to origin of mankind.

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